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Windows Home Server

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    Windows Home Server

    Why is there a server in the house?
    It seemed like such a good idea in 2007. Put a compact, quiet, PC-like device in a corner of your home, fill it with hard drives, and plug in an Ethernet cable. Voilà! You can now back up all the PCs in your home, stream music and videos over your local network, and even access your server and its connected PCs across the Internet.

    It turned out that most consumers didn't want to manage a home server, even if it had a fairly simple dashboard for administrative tasks. The fact that it contained a data-destroying bug that corrupted files for some early adopters just added to its unpopularity.

    The rise of streaming music and video services and the meteoric growth of smartphone sales over the next few years made Windows Home Server increasingly less relevant for all but a passionate cult.

    Support for the final release of Windows Home Server ended in 2016. It was succeeded by Windows Server Essentials, a product aimed at small businesses.