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Groove Music

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    Groove Music

    If you added up all the brands and partnerships Microsoft tried in its 15-year-long battle again the iTunes music juggernaut, you could probably fill a large whiteboard.

    Remember PlaysForSure, the ironically named digital rights management system for copy-protected Windows Media files? How about the ill-fated MTV Urge service, which lasted 15 months? It was replaced by the Zune Music Pass, which became Xbox Music in Windows 8 and then transmuted into Groove Music in 2015 with the launch of Windows 10.

    Regardless of the name, mainstream music fans stayed away, preferring Spotify and Apple Music. The Groove Music app is still in Windows 10, but Microsoft removed all music from its online store and shuttered its Groove Music Pass streaming service at the end of 2017. 15 years of digital music frustration ends for Microsoft.