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    Zune is the music player for nerds. Microsoft's first portable music player was doomed from the start. The brown, blocky Zune 30 debuted in November 2006, the same quarter that Apple's iPod was at its peak. Apple sold more than 21 million iPods in that three-month period, and would sell more than 52 million the following year.

    Over time, the design of the Zune Player became sleek and elegant, and the Zune software was both easy to use and ahead of its time, design-wise.

    But none of that mattered. Instead of offering credible competition to the iPod, Zune became an easy punchline for comedians and sitcom writers looking for a surefire way to get a laugh by mocking nerds. After five years of this pummeling, Microsoft finally threw in the towel on its Zune hardware in late 2011.