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Windows Media Center

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    Windows Media Center

    Windows Media Center launched in 2002 as a special edition of Windows XP, offering a so-called 10-foot interface for operating a Windows PC with a remote control and displaying the output on a big-screen television.

    Over the next seven years, Media Center became the signature feature of Windows "premium" editions. With support for DVD playback and a DVR that was arguably better than anything from TiVo or your local cable company, Media Center PCs developed a cult following that included quite a few Microsoft executives.

    And then, suddenly, it was over. The team developing Media Center features was disbanded in 2009, immediately after delivering the final Media Center code for Windows 7.

    When Windows 8 launched, Microsoft released a bare-bones add-in that was essentially a port of the Windows 7 Media Center code, but the handwriting was on the wall. Shortly before the release of Windows 10 in mid-2015, Microsoft admitted it wouldn't be releasing a Media Center update for Windows.